Intralinks Virtual Data Room Review

The Intralinks virtual data room is one of the most popular services used for the company’s daily work and various transactions. The program is designed for large enterprises interested in conducting mergers and acquisitions and due diligence. Also, this software is great for those businesses that want to store their files safely.

Company History

Intralinks is one of the most sought-after virtual data room services for a reason – the company was founded in 1996 in the USA. At that time, large transactions were already actively carried out in the country with the help of software that facilitated the work.

Intralinks has absorbed everything necessary so that large holdings do not feel a lack of tools for work.


SaaS is a computer that is not under your desk but somewhere else. If you decipher the abbreviation, SaaS is software as a service or software as a service.

The term was discussed in 2010-2011 when the software consumption model was changing. Then it was unusual that the software could be on the user’s laptop or in the neighboring server room. This is a model where a service provider hosts the software, and you use it from a browser or through an additional application.

Due to economies of scale, SaaS can give customers more than each of them would receive on their data individually. As a result, the client immediately receives business value and additional services.

Cloud storage

One of the biggest advantages of cloud systems is the ability to scale. Compared to traditional hosting, you must choose, buy, install and configure the equipment that will run each node of your system – web servers, application servers, database servers, switches, and routers for Internet access. With the advent of Intralinks, it became possible to quickly and easily scale any part of the infrastructure.

Additional functionality

With the help of the Intralinks virtual data room, you can not only store your files or carry out various operations but also use the following tools:

  • Audit set. In the virtual data room, you can easily conduct the enterprise’s due diligence or internal audit.
  • Collaboration tools. In a virtual data room, you can easily set up a collaboration with another company, giving employees access to documentation.
  • Tools for analysis. Analytics is an important part of business, so its tools are provided in the Intralinks product.
  • Data quality control. Data storage is only part of the task, while the system evaluates its quality and provides recommendations.
  • Forum for employees. Your colleagues and employees in the enterprise can communicate within the program to avoid violating the confidentiality of processes.

Intralinks include other features such as document classification, data integration, access control, etc.